The Randolph Society is an honor society devoted to the recognition of prominent persons who have lived in and contributed to Randolph County, Illinois. By recognizing those who have made extraordinary contributions in the past, we hope to educate and inspire today’s citizens.

The Randolph Society is administered through the Randolph Society Foundation, a non-profit organization. The Foundation’s board is made up of members from the county’s historical society and local Rotary Clubs, as well as at-large members interested in county history.

The Foundation’s bylaws can be viewed here.

The Randolph Society Foundation Board

Chairperson: Marc Kiehna
Treasurer: Justin Jeffers
Secretary: Lori Hill

Melanie Johnson
Lauren Harmsen Kiehna
Cynthia Lawder
Jane Lucht
Emily Lyons
Mike Reed

Jeannie Wagner (alternate)
Peg Fulton (alternate)
Ruth Menard (alternate)
Paul Ray (alternate)